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What are General Practice Physicians?

General Practice Physicians, also referred to as General Practitioners, are a critical link in America's Primary Care network. They provide routine healthcare services and are often the first point of contact for many patients in the healthcare system. General Practice Physicians are similar in nature to Family Physicians, as they provide services to both children and adults. However, unlike Family Physicians many GP's choose to remain a Generalist medical provider in lieu of specializing their care to address certain patient populations or areas of medicine. This allows GP's to diagnosis, treat, screen for and prevent a variety of medical issues while also delivering routine medical care. They also work closely with specialists to provide patients with specialized care when necessary.

General Practice Certifications

While Generalists complete a residency to practice General Medicine, they do not have to obtain a specialty certification. For those GP's that choose to pursue specialty certifications, Family Medicine and Internal Medicine are the most common choices.

General Practitioner Job Forecast

The employment outlook looks bright for General Practice jobs. Increasing demands for more Primary Care providers, on top of the already 103,000 actively practicing Physicians, make it a great profession for job opportunities(1). This demand is partially driven by an aging of the current Physician census. In the U.S. today, 44% of actively practicing Primary Care providers are over 55 years old(1). Looming retirement amongst these Physicians will only expand these shortages and create even more future General Practitioner job vacancies.

Average Salary of General Practice Physicians

Salaries for General Practice Physician jobs average around $131,375 a year in base compensation(3). This salary is one of the lowest in medicine and is reflective of many General Practitioner's lack of specialized board certifications. These salaries can vary considerably based on geographic location of practice, years of experience, levels of care provided and whether a General Practitioner chooses to pursue further specialization.

Practice Locations

The majority of General Practice jobs are available in either solo or group private practices. Many job seekers also find employment at other Primary Care sites like General Hospitals, Outpatient Care Centers and government-based practices.


General Practitioners are in a unique position to help promote disease prevention while also caring for diverse, chronically ill patient populations. They are often the first Physician a patient sees when seeking medical care. This creates an opportunity for rich, long lasting bonds with not only a patient, but often the whole family. While it can be rewarding, General Practice jobs can also be challenging due to increasing provider shortages, patient loads and administrative demands. These issues can frequently leave General Practitioners pressed for time and short on resources.

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