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Illinois (12)
Ohio (11)
Florida (8)
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Alabama (7)
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Washington (1)
Wyoming (1)

Otolaryngology Jobs

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Diseases and disorders within the ears, nose, throat, related structures in the head and neck, the respiratory system, and the upper alimentary systems are all handled by an otolaryngologist.  They provide a patient with medical, and possibly surgical, care if needed. Included procedures performed by a healthcare professional in this field may include facial reconstruction, removal of tumors in the head or neck and management of disease that occur affecting body parts above the shoulders. Nerve pain, ear conditions, defects, balance disorders, esophageal disorder or lesions are a few of the things an ENT doctor may treat. Physicians in this specialization also need to have knowledge in audiology, speech and language pathology, endocrinology, and neurology due to the fact these specializations are related.

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Available Otolaryngology Jobs

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